Donald Trump Tweeted A Video of Him Wrestling CNN and It Has Shaken The Entire World

Just when you thought Donald Trump being elected for The Presidency was unbelievable, he has been really busy doing some unbelievable things as the President of the United States of America. President Trump has so far dropped bombshells after bombshells in his tenure. You can recall the Executive Order that took a toll on the whole world. Followed by, he went to Saudi Arabia and that surfaced the news till today!

Source: National Review

If you have been following President Donald Trump recently, you must be familiar with him labeling news channels and media outlets as “fake news“. His views about CNN go beyond a mile and he doesn’t hold back in his sheer criticism.

Right-wingers in the political spectrum are in the limelight lately, leaving the world stunned with their astonishing antics. President Trump’s tenure so far has swamped of similar instances that one can lose count.

So, the other day President Donald Trump shook the world by tweeting this:

What you just saw was a video posted by the Commander in Chief of the United States of America – yes, you read that correctly.

How unbelievable Trump can get; he keeps on surprising us with his surprising antics. He labeled CNN as FNN – FraudNewsNetwork. He has a dispute over CNN’s alleged news campaigns against Trump, ‘pulling the dirt over him’ and shedding a light of criticism over his prospect as the President.

Here’s how the world reacted to it:

What do you guys think about President Trump behaving this way?

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