WATCH: Family Makes Domestic Worker Stand Outside A Car In Drive-Thru As They Finish Their Meal

domestic worker outside car finish meal

In Pakistan, the so-called upper-class is known for not giving their staff a seat at the table when enjoying a meal out. A recent incident exposes the ugly side of upper-class society. We came across a video clip that left us dumbfounded- in which a child domestic worker can be seen treated with inhumanity. The domestic worker was made to stand outside the car while the family finishes their meal.

In the video clip that emerged on Instagram, a guy recorded a similar incident. A young boy, a domestic worker was made to leave the car as a family entered the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. Moreover, the child was made to walk following the car through the drive-thru.

The guy who recorded the video talks about how he has been noticing the child stand beside the car in reserved parking for so long. As he tried to call the child to talk to him, he refused and said that he is with this car and they are inside eating their food right now.

This Domestic Worker Stood Out Of The Car In Drive-Thru As The Family Finished Their Meal
Source: Instagram

Imagine yourself in place of that poor child, the lack of empathy engraved in us human beings, is appalling. If this was a ‘family outing’ the boy should not have been brought out.

How disgraceful it is- that in today’s age, when we are busy trying to fight for women’s rights and domestic rights, Pakistan still indulges in this form of slavery. In fact, this is a problem that runs deeper than it looks.

Here’s the outrageous video:

Whatever the case may be, this poor domestic worker boy was made to stand outside the car, while his employers finish their meal he could not dream of eating. Food that cost as much as the monthly salary of this child worker. That too, in a place he would not even dare to have entered had the circumstances been different.

In light of all this, how can we expect to change the way society works when we have no hesitancy in making our workers wait for us to finish our meal while they look longingly towards everything they could never have?

More so, the video highlights not only the fact that domestic workers are treated like slaves but also the persisting issue of child labor in our country. First of all, you are employing a minor as a domestic worker, and then you treating them in such an appalling way.

Why are people so hell-bent on making their domestic labor feel more inferior than they already feel? 

Turns out, the so-called educated people of our society are not so educated after all. The rising elitist culture in Pakistan needs to be talked about. Why do these people forget how essential these domestic workers are for their survival?

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