Pakistan Bait-Ul-Maal To Sponsor Transgender Dolphin Ayan’s Educational Expenses

Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal Will Sponsor Dolphin Ayan's Educational Expenses

The Pakistan Bait-Ul-Maal has paid heed to the request of Maheen Muhammad, better known as Dolphin Ayan. A few days ago, a video of Maheen had gone viral on the internet. It narrated her tragic life story.

Despite being a bright student, Dolphin Ayan was bullied for being a transgender. Maheen, aka Dolphin Ayan, is a graduate of Civil engineering. Moreover, she has also completed a four-month internship in Cyprus and was a class topper in college. Even after illustrating academic brilliance, Maheen could never find a respectable status in the society.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal fulfills Maheen’s dream

The consistent bullying forced Maheen to quit her studies. As a result, she decided to pursue dancing as a profession to fulfill her needs. However, in a pleasant turn of events, the Chairman of Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal Aun Abbas has recently announced that the organization will provide funds for her educational expenses.

Source: Youtube

Talking on the occasion, Ayan thanked chairman Bait-ul-Maal for coming forward for her help.

Apart from that, Aun Abbas has also offered to bear the educational expenses of all the transgenders who want to continue their education. Maheen’s inspirational story raises hope for transgenders in Pakistan. It also illustrates the fact that there are institutes in Pakistan that do want to help such talented but marginalized individuals.

Creating awareness about transgenders among masses 

Even though Maheen’s story is a glimmer of hope for transgenders in Pakistan, as a society we have to realize the survival of these individuals has become difficult. There is a stigma attached to transgenders in Pakistan. Transgenders face an uphill battle to survive in Pakistan. The country is conservative and homosexuality is illegal.

Source: Samaa News

Despite many awareness campaigns created for transgenders, the social attitude towards these individuals in the country has been discriminatory.  They continue to face discrimination and get a disgusting attitude from society. There is no support system in our society to help these individuals to live a normal life. Moreover, they can’t even fulfill their basic needs. 

Due to the controversial nature of this issue, the subject of transgender rights in Pakistan is not discussed among the masses. The transgender community is looked down upon all over Pakistan and are not even considered as equals to the other members of the society. The need of the hour is to raise our voices for them. We should also ensure they get basic human rights to make their lives less painful.

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