Dollar Just Reached A New High Against Rupee At 161.5 And Even ‘Saans Lena’ Is Getting Expensive!

It’s been going for a while now but Pakistani rupee just hit an all-time low against US Dollar reaching Rs161.5 in the interbank market. Bummer!


It is reported that the US dollar rose by Rs2.2 at the start of the trading and rose by Rs.5! This is the highest ever value recorded of a dollar against the rupee.

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Pakistanis are absolutely shocked by the sudden hike and this, however, is worrying!

Seems like the opposition party is furious and here’s what Maryam Nawaz, worried about the country’s company, tweeted a while ago!

“Dollar soars to Rs.160.5 interbank. Pak economy at the verge of total collapse. Damage caused by Naalaiq-e-Azam will be irreparable.”

To which will people are asking her to return back all the money!

The sudden hike in dollar was discussed last month after an agreement made between the International Monetary Fund and Pakistan.

Well, we wonder what is going to happen next. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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