Dolce & Gabbana’s Kitchen Appliances Designs Look a Lot like our Local Truck Art!

It won’t be the first time you will be reading or looking at an international label being inspired by the designs of the local truck art or any other local aspect for that matter.

Normally, one could say it is the other way around – knowing how the entire world follows the fashion embedded by the Westerners, when they started using the desi designs, it fascinated us all.

Remember when Paul Smith Sold Peshawari Chappal for $300?

Seriously who’d spend THAT amount of money???

And when they Introduced the Muswaak as ‘Toothbrush’

Also, Forever 21 Came Up with the Appropriation of Kolla Puri by Calling them Studio Caleidoscope Sandals


The Same Brand also Came up with Ajrak Bikinis and Dress Tops


Pretty impressive way to use ajrak, don’t you think?


This time, the famous international brand Dolce & Gabbana launched the design for their kitchen appliances and they look a lot like they were inspired by the truck art which we see all over Pakistan.

I Mean, Just Look at this Toaster’s Design

And this Whipped Cream Machine!

What a Fancy Juicer We have Here

The brand, however, calls these designs as Italian designs but one can’t fail to notice how they resemble truck art. According to Vogue, the brand has collaborated with Smeg, an Italian company and have introduced this line of beautiful and colorful mixers, blenders, teapots, coffee machines and various more.

So far, this is all we know about the kitchen appliance range by D&G as they will be launched by this year’s October.

In Case You Forgot, this is what Truck Art Looks Like

Well, the designs do look somewhat the same and the adaptation looks pretty apt too. Might as well just call it, “truck art inspired” don’t you think?

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