The Restaurant Accused of Selling ‘Dog Meat’ has a Message for All

The past few years have been a little revolting in terms of the type of ‘meat’ being served by a few restaurants, to its customers, in Pakistan. Due to this, a lot of the places have been raided and closed down which the concerned authorities should be thanked for. However, there are some that are accused of selling donkey/dog meat for no reason.

Recently, a restaurant named ‘De Gravity’ in Hyderabad, Sindh was blamed by a Facebook page for posting ‘anti-Hindu’ posts, because apparently, the restaurant owners are Hindus. The allegations of selling ‘dog meat and donkey meat’ was surely a matter of concern for the restaurant owners once the news was out. However, for a few, it wasn’t surprising at all.

In reply to this false allegation, here’s what the restaurant owners had to say:

“Dear Foodies,

It’s has been really disappointing to see fake news regarding our restaurant becoming viral on social media for last 5 to 6 hours, it claims that De Gravity restaurant, Hyderabad is selling the meat of dogs and donkeys, which is a completely fabricated story!

It is based on a lie and on fake propaganda to ensure personal enmity and racism on grounds of religion, ethnicity, and culture!

Yes, the mistake of De Gravity is that the owners are Hindus, this is why some competitors and people with a racist mindset are trying to ridicule our restaurant’s image.

The owners and management of De Gravity restaurant invite all of our guests to visit our kitchen at any hour of the day and be satisfied by the hygienic conditions of our kitchen!

We would like to urge our friends on social media that, without ensuring and verifying the authenticity of a post please do not share it.

The pictures which were uploaded on different pages are of a raid which was carried out at local biryani vendors.

We always prioritize to serve freshly cooked/grilled chicken steaks and guests who have visited our restaurant will agree to that.

Every successful business is the target of evil eyes and this time we are being targeted! But we are firm enough to withstand all these false accusations and continue to serve food of the highest quality to our guests, kindly share this post as much as you can.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you


De-Gravity Restaurant”

We genuinely acknowledge how the owners have managed the circumstance keenly and have ended up being proficient. In addition to this, it has also taught a lesson to many for accusing someone, without inquiring. The page that had posted has now deleted its posts which pretty much sums up the whole scenario. We’re glad the owners stepped forward and clarified themselves and we hope they found who the culprits were.


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