Helpless Dog Dragged To Death After Being Tied To Vehicle In Karachi

Helpless Dog Dragged To Death After Being Tied To Vehicle In Karachi

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Allah has given the most exalted status to human beings among all his creatures. However, certain human beings go down to the level of wild barbaric animals. A man in Karachi caught after he tied a dog to the car, which he was driving ruthlessly.

A man in Karachi tied the dog to his car and dragged it. Reportedly, the incident took place at Siraj-ud-Daula Road near Alamgir Mosque in Karachi. Moreover, the Fir number 136/20 registered against the barbaric man. The case was lodged under section 429 at the model police station, east Karachi. The poor dog is believed to be killed in the incident.

Watch video of the brutal incident.

Trigger warning: this video contains some disturbing visuals which may upset some people.

After the video went viral on social media, people across Pakistan made huge hue and cry and demanded the arrest of the cruel man.

AIGP Operation Sindh, Dr. Assad Malhi confirmed the arrest of the accused.

 Why did he do this?

Studies suggest people with chronic psychological illness tends to perform brutal acts. Furthermore, some people with post-traumatic disorders or severe anxiety and stress also act in such a cruel way. unfortunately, despite being an Islamic country, people in Pakistan pay less value to animals. This also leads to insensitivity towards other creatures.

Besides, owing to a plethora of deaths occurred with terrorism in the country, several Pakistanis have become insensitive to lives, as per a report. Hence, in this case, the value of human life is meager in the country let alone animals; especially, dogs that roam in excess to the streets of the land of pure.

People on social media reacted heavily to the incident and praised the efforts of Police in arresting the culprit.

‘Bravo Sir’

‘Thank you so much, sir!’

‘Well done good job’

Ah Oh! the guy is quite irked!

Above all, just punishment is not enough to eradicate such evils from our society as it is not the first time that such an incident happened. Pakistani society needs awareness and thorough education on morality and ethics.

Furthermore, the government along with civil society should teach the Seerah (life) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the netizens so they could know how to treat people and animals.


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