Doctors & Their Families At High Risk While Fighting COVID-19, Where’s The Privilege?

Doctors Families Risk COVID-19

Along with other parts of the world, Pakistan is also tirelessly combating the deadly coronavirus to stop it’s further spread. With the drastic increase in cases, the coronavirus tally in Pakistan has reached near 17,000.

Speaking of which, the country doctors are putting their own lives at risk to treat the infected patients without any facilitation. Instead, previously, salaries of Punjab doctors were reportedly being cut fro CM COVID-19 fund without consent. Recently, a young doctor who contracted coronavirus while treating others which then further spread into his daughter and mother.

Doctor catches coronavirus, infects daughter and mother

As per the post circulating on social media, the doctor has raised several important questions that deserve answers. Since doctors are the front liners during this pandemic, they should be getting relief in return. But, it seems like the private medical institutes don’t care for what these messiahs are doing in these desperate times.

Fighting with coved 19 … me ,my little daughter and my mother developed corona … we the doctors face maximum…

Gepostet von Ashar Waheed am Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

The doctor, his 10-year-old daughter, and 74-year-old mother are currently being treated in a local hospital. Raising concerns, the doctors who risk themselves for the well-being of others should be treated with privilege. Apparently, the private medical labs and hospitals are charging the same hefty amount from them as well and it is not right.

No discount or privilege for the life saviors

Moreover, they aren’t even getting any sort of discount for their untiring services during this pandemic. As several influential personalities have also tested positive for COVID-19, they are allowed to quarantine themselves at their own homes. While the frontline life saviors are forced to stay in general quarantine instead of allowing them the ‘privilege’ to home quarantine.

Doctors Families Risk COVID-19

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Just praising and saluting the doctors in these harsh times is not enough, they should also be treated with dignity. These crucial points were raised by a doctor who is still motivated to serve the nation until its finally over. It is quite heart-wrenching to witness the deaths of doctors who sacrifice their lives in their line of duty due to coronavirus.

It won’t be wrong to call out the government authorities who should be taking care of the doctors catching COVID-19. Bounded by their Hippocratic Oath doesn’t mean that they won’t be needing any help in this war. The authorities should look into the matter and at least assist those frontline saviors who have caught the brutal disease and are alive.

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