Pressure Rises As Doctors Plead Govt To Reimpose Ban On Mosques, Congregations

Doctors Across Pakistan Plead Federal Government To Ban Congregations

Pakistan’s leading doctors are requesting the government to close mosques during Ramadan. They fear a catastrophic spike in coronavirus infections during the Muslim holy month. The holy month is expected to begin by the end of this week in Pakistan.

Punjab Doctors also raise their concern

After Sindh, the Punjab Chapter of PMA also urged the government to review their decision regarding congregational prayers and Taraweeh at mosques during Ramadan. Doctors call for strict lockdown and warn of coronavirus spiraling out of control.

A recent post on Twitter showed Doctors in Lahore were deeply concerned about the increase in COVID-19 cases. In a press conference on Thursday in Lahore, the president of PMA Punjab said, “Patients are not in thousands but much more. God Forbid, If things go out of control then we have to treat the patients on the streets. Next 2 to 4 weeks are most important for Pakistan.”

Doctors in Sindh demand tougher lockdown

At a news conference on late Wednesday, doctors from the Sindh chapter of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) had urged the government of Pakistan to rethink its decision to allow mosques to open during Ramadan.

Doctors all over Pakistan, specifically Sindh, have been pleading the federal government to ban congregations. However, the federal government is not listening and calling it a PPP conspiracy. Senator Murtaza Wahab also urged the federal government to support the doctors.

Saad Niaz, a doctor speaking at the conference, warned that ICU beds and isolation facilities in Karachi are already in a limited capacity due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. They would be overwhelmed in a few days unless drastic measures were taken.

The inefficiency of the government during the lockdown

The federal government has indeed been unable to curb the threat posed by COVID-19. It has bowed down to the demand of the religious clerics and has not adhered to the guidelines of its doctors. This has resulted in criticism from a few social and political activists.

Pakistan has a population of around 220 million people. The country has recorded more than 10,500 COVID-19 cases and 224 deaths. Healthcare practitioners in the country have already warned that the country has fewer than 3,000 ventilators and health workers lack enough protective gear.

It is essential to note that Pakistani doctors are combating COVID-19. They are doing their best to save their fellow citizens. With the war waging against the novel coronavirus, these doctors have nothing to offer except bestowing the ultimate sacrifice of their blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

We reside in a society, where inadequacy of health facilities, leadership being indolent, and not hyperactive in any situation is quite banal.


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