These Doctors Were Found Ruthlessly Beating a Patient at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi and It’s Not Okay!

Public hospitals around the country are in a deplorable state. Where these places treat a large number of patients on a daily basis, there cannot be any guarantee if they are going about the right and ethical means. It’s a dogma that the unprivileged continues to suffer and are not provided their rights.

Source: Samaa TV

Just recently, we came across a video where a scenario from a local, public hospital in Karachi literally rattled our senses. It shows a fight between a doctor and a patient where the doctor can be clearly seen ruthlessly beating the patient. Nobody knows the backstory of the incident but it is horrifying to measure it up.

Here’s the video that is going viral on social media…

Doctor beats patient ruthlessly at Jinnah Hospital Karachi (VIDEO)

Doctor beats patient ruthlessly at Jinnah Hospital Karachi (VIDEO)

Posted by Daily Pakistan Global on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Well, this is absolutely horrifying and below the belt. Would you expect such behavior from professionals? This is just a minor picture of the reality that prevails in our public hospitals. The atmosphere there is brutal and not healthy at all. In fact, it could rather be said that such an atmosphere would make a person go insane from normal.

Meanwhile this incident at Jinnah Hospital, Karachi has definitely come out as a shocker. We urge authorities to look into the matter and run a thorough investigation. Our public hospitals continue to prevail in a deplorable state and much concern at large need to be drawn towards their distressing state where a majority of the population seeks treatment.

How would you suggest about making our public hospitals a better place?

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