Doctors Fighting Coronavirus Exempted From Fasting During Ramadan

Religious authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said medical workers treating COVID-19 patients are exempted from fasting during Ramadan. They urged Muslims not to congregate for prayers during the holy month expected to start this week.

“If a doctor asks a person not to fast as it might affect his immunity, then the person has the right not to fast during Ramadan,” said the Emirates Fatwa Council. “Health care workers aren’t required to fast during their shifts. As doing so could lead to weakening their immunity or to losing their patients,” the council said.

Several groups of people are typically exempt from fasting during Ramadan. These include the elderly, pregnant women, nursing or menstruating women, people who are sick, and travellers.

Coronavirus in UAE

484 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the UAE, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections in the country to 7,265.

All health facilities in the country have been warned that no patient with the disease will be discharged unless fully recovered and have no symptoms. The approved health procedure after the patient has left the hospital is to remain at home for 14 days after treatment. They must also work remotely and not go out and mix with others.

coronavirus and ramadan


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also started to fine people up to 20,000 dirhams. It is to stop the spread of fake medical information regarding coronavirus that contradicts official statements.

As people are gearing up for Ramadan, Emirates Fatwa Council said Muslims should comply with physical distancing while praying during Ramadan and the Eid Al-Fitr holiday. The council also urged Muslims to pray at home and ruled that the Taraweeh prayer could be done at home.

The UAE has suspended prayer in all houses of worship including mosques as part of containment measures. “Congregating to perform the prayer could endanger lives, an act that is strictly forbidden in Islam,” said the statement.

The Emirati government, which had imposed harsh limitations on movement across the country, has recently loosened a number of restrictions. Food stores across Dubai have reopened so that residents of the emirate can purchase food ahead of the fasting month.

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