253 Healthcare Workers Infected With Coronavirus In Pakistan So Far

Healthcare Workers Infected

The lethal pandemic of coronavirus is affecting healthcare patrons in Pakistan. According to the National Emergency Operation Centre, around 253 healthcare workers have been infected with COVID-19 in Pakistan.

As per the report, which has figures up until April 22; coronavirus has affected 124 doctors, 39 nurses, and 90 health workers in the country. Furthermore, 92 of those healthcare providers are in isolation, 125 are in hospitals, 33 have recovered from the deadly disease.


Doctors infected with coronavirus in Pakistan

Source: Khyber News

Provincial Data

According to the ministry’s data, 83 medical workers have been affected so far in Punjab. This comprises 53 doctors, 12 nurses, and 18 health workers. Out of infectees, fifteen are in isolation, sixty-one are in hospitals, and 8 have been recovered.


Furthermore, as per a report, there are a total of 56 affected healthcare providers in the Sindh province. This comprises nineteen doctors, fifteen nurses, and 22 other healthcare workers. Additionally, of those infectees, forty-one are in hospitals, and fifteen have been recovered.

Nevertheless, in a press conference, on Wednesday in Karachi, senior physicians said that 62 health professionals are infected in Sindh.

KP, Balochistan, and ICT

According to the report, 30 medical workers have been affected so far in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP); fourteen doctors, 4 nurses, and twelve health workers. Of those, twenty-five is in isolation, 4 are admitted to hospitals and one has recovered.


In Balochistan, thirty-two medical workers have been affected by COVID-19. Moreover, of those twenty-four are doctors, 1 is a nurse, and 7 are health workers. 27 of these infectees are in isolation, 4 are in hospitals and one has been recovered.


In Islamabad, 31 medicinal workers have been affected so far. This comprises 12 doctors, 7 nurses, and twelve health workers. Besides, of these twenty-six are in isolation, 1 is hospitalized, and three have been recovered. Moreover, one health profession lost his life, the report reveals.

Gilgit And AJK

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 4 medical workers have been affected. Out of these, 1 is a doctor, and 3 are health workers. Fortunately, all four have recovered.

Furthermore, two medics out of the 17 infected died in Gilgit Baltistan; 14 are in hospitals and one has discharged. 

In addition, the first revealed Coronavirus death among the local health workers happened in Gilgit Baltistan; when a juvenile doctor, Usama Riaz, died of the deadly virus

Besides, Pakistan reached the gloomy milestone of 10,000 Covid-19 cases on April 22; the day concluded with a total of 10,513 cases with 224 deaths.


The demand for safety equipment for all healthcare workers has been frequently emphasized in Pakistan. Moreover, a single breach of protection while remaining in the hospital can expose one to disease.

Doctors infected with coronavirus in Pakistan

Source: Nature

Vice-Chancellor talking about infected doctors in the country

Besides, medical associations across Pakistan are asking the government to not relax the lockdown. Otherwise, there will be a spike in the cases.

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