Muslim Doctor Removes Protective Gear For COVID-19 Patient As He Saw Him Dying

Muslim Doctor Removes Protective Gear For COVID-19 Patient As He Saw Him Dying

Doctors are being hailed heroes around the globe as they risk their lives battling the ongoing biological warfare. Similarly this young Doctor risked his life helping a COVID-19 infected patient breathe.

Dr. Zahid, DM critical care doctor at AIIMS, Delhi was about to sit down to break his fast when he was called to help a     COVID-19 critical patient.

Dr. Zahid was not even able to break his Ramadan fast when he was called for shifting a COVID positive intubated patient to the ICU.

Upon reaching the ambulance Zahid noted difficulty in ventilating the patient and suspected accidental extubation. He immediately decided to re-intubate. Owing to poor visibility through the PPE inside the ambulance, he decided to remove his goggles.

The state of the patient and the surroundings made it difficult for Zahid to re intubate the patient, keeping in mind that the patient might die if he failed. But Zahid exposed to the viral exposure from the patient went along valiantly.

Harjit Singh Bhatti, Ex-President, RDA, AIIMS, New Delhi, took to Twitter to relay the act of bravery.

Dr. Zahid  prevented a painful death

“I don’t know how astute the decision was to put oneself at risk but Zahid definitely prevented an inevitable death. He got himself exposed to the highest possible viral load just to deliver his duty.”

On pondering about the inevitable he wrote, “I don’t know if Zahid will contract COVID, but I pray that he comes out well and strong. He is in quarantine, pray for him.”

The tweet since then has gotten 4.7K Retweets & 13.7K Likes

Twitterati lauds the heroic doctor

Since the tweet went viral Twitter users have come out to widely appreciate and acknowledge the doctor’s act of bravery.

Dr. Majeed then took to Facebook to respond to all the prayers and acclaim. While he thanked all those who praised him for his noble act he also highlighted the fact that safety comes first.

Islam teaches us selflessness

“I tell you all not to do this ..but the situation over flooded my capacity of prioritizing self-protection. I don’t want it to be made an example your own self first. All I felt I couldn’t face my own conscience If I wouldn’t do. Islam teaches us selflessness via fasting”


It’s indeed an inspiration. To test limits and commitment to the highest ethical goals of the profession. What may not be the best in terms of professional standards in care, but it’s indeed a hope, a hope for humanity that at times the more humane part of the brain takes over our professional side.


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