'Does Imran Khan Fear God': Karachi Doctor Slams Govt Over COVID-19

Karachi Doctor Slams Govt Over COVID-19, Asks ‘Does Imran Khan Fear God?’

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Coronavirus is spreading at a  great pace across Pakistan. The deadly disease has taken hundreds of lives fo far in the country. Mainly, deaths are occurring due to a lack of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) and ventilators.

The federal government says there are ventilators and the government has provided PPEs to doctors. However, addressing a press conference in Karachi, doctors rejected claims of the center.

Talking about PPE the doctor said, “I talked to the Chairman PDMA. I said Sindh government Qatar, Sindh Government Liaquatabad, KIIT, Civil Hospital are without PPEs. Even the daughter of Qaim Ali Shah, Nusrat Shah, we provided her PPE.”

“I told him (chairman PDMA), did you went to Sindh government Qatar hospital? He said no. I am in isolation. So brothers get out of your AC rooms, get out of your palaces, come down and see our people are dying,” the Karachi doctor advised the government officials.

‘Everyone is at risk’

He added, “Doctors are dying, haven’t they got kids and wives? Everyone is at risk.”.  The doctor rebuked and said, “Does Imran Khan fear God? Does Zafar Mirza fear God? He lies sitting in his office. Come to Karachi, we will take you to the hospital. Are you blind and mindless? Who has brought them on us (to govern)?”

The doctor asked Zafar Mirza to come to Karachi and advised him, “Don’t talk rubbish that there are ventilators.”

The doctor continued, “At night people call us, our life has become hell. There is no time when we are not getting calls people told us we are unable to breathe, where should we go?” He said the government was saying “There are 80,000 patients, no, there are hundreds of thousands of patients in Karachi go and do testing and see how many patients will come out.”

He added, “So, I beg you (media) for god’s sake ask these governors, don’t advise us to eat cake provide us with PPE our doctors are dying. For god’s sake Imran Khan, provide doctors with 5 to 6 billion rupees, we are not asking you the goods for an epicurean lifestyle, we just asking PPEs.”

People on social media reacted after the doctor’s video went viral.

‘Doctors need PPEs, support and backup’


‘ Is there anyway Parliament can start a vote of no confidence’


To conclude, the doctor portrayed a dismal picture of the coronavirus saga. He implored as well as al rebuked the government of neglecting the ground realities.


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