Senior Pakistani Doctor Dies In Karachi Due To COVID – His Family Needs Your Help

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Dr. Furqan Ali Siddiqui recently lost his life to coronavirus due to the unavailability of ventilators in hospitals. He battled with the deadly coronavirus for two hours in the ambulance. In the end, he lost his life when his family was taking him to Dow’s Ojha hospital.

The unfortunate incident took place in the hospital after the ambulance drove him around in agony and pain for 2 hours. Unfortunately, that travel was enough to take him to his eternal abode.

Dr. Furqan was a retired cardiologist from the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD). He was tested positive for COVID-19 a week before his death.

After over thirty years of service to the people of Karachi, he passed away fighting COVID-19, unable to receive appropriate medical care.

Self-isolating at his own place

Dr. Furqan had been practicing self-isolation at their residence after he and his wife were both tested positive for COVID-19. They were willing to stay at home until tested negative, but life had different plans for them. Dr. Fuqan’s condition worsened and had to be taken to the hospital.

“He was dying due to shortness of breath after tested positive for the novel coronavirus. But no hospital admitted him,” wife of the deceased doctor told a newspaper.

Dr. Furqan passed away leaving behind his Four daughters and wife. With such a sudden passing, the grieving family needs your Help.

His family needs your help

Dr. Shazia Ijaz, who is also the cousin of Dr. Furqan has set up a GoFundMe page to help the grieving daughters and wife with their livelihood.

“Please come together and help us raise funds for his family as a small token recognizing his service, with the hope that it will help alleviate a small portion of hardship from their lives.” she wrote.



“He leaves behind an old aged mother, a wife and 4 daughters, no amount of words and our campaign can fill their loss, as he was their only support.” She further added.

Your small donations can leave a big impact on their lives. You can donate directly by clicking on the link and submitting your donations online or contact Parhlo for further directions.

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