Do You Think You Are Tolerant? Think Again

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“I have every right to judge.”

That is what I, along with the vast majority of people in this country, have grown up thinking and believing. A major part of it is a result of our upbringing. I have, from a very young age, been taught values that my parents and their parents before them have firmly believed in.


Being a collective society, these values are shared values among a larger society. Hence, I grew up into a very aware adult. I am aware of right from wrong and with that, I know the consequences of right and wrong decisions.

What does that mean?

I have been friends with disbelievers who call themselves ‘atheists’.

I have shared food with believers of Shia sect.

I have heard views of Ahmedi and Dewiu-bandi believers.

I have studied in Christian institutes for the past six years and have been friends with the believers of Jesus Christ.
I have known Hindus who count their Gods on their fingers.

I have spent time with people who call drinking halal and believe performing intercourse before marriage ‘makes them a proper man’.

I have been friends with people who have extreme beliefs when it comes to Islam.

I know people who went to Jihad in Afghanistan and ended up killing American soldiers.

I have heard lectures conducted in extreme Islamic gatherings.

I have seen people do shameful acts while being tremendously drunk.

I know what deed has the same reward as seventy years of prayer and what deed is punished with seventy years in the fires of Hell.

I have managed to remain friends with them and not judge them even though I am aware of the magnitude of sins they have committed.


In the wake of recent events, I am very glad that I am a tolerant religiously conservative person and I fall in the #NotAllMuslims category. But am I really as tolerant as I think?

I’m Not That Intolerant

In the wake of recently documented events I have been shook to the core. I have seen mutilated bodies from bomb blast sites, school going children shot in cold blood, women and men set on fire, families stranded in the sea without food and water, people displaced and refused entry to any country, Masijds were set on fire and men were beaten to death on accounts of blasphemy.



I should hate myself and I should hate every person who defends God by saying ‘God condemns Homosexuality but He does not call for killing of such people’ ‘Religion is a private matter and should not be imposed’ ‘I don’t necessarily agree with the Shia School of Thought, but they should not be killed’ ‘Ahmadis are called non-Muslims but that doesn’t mean they can be killed, Allah will see to them Himself’.

We are tolerating, we are the noble tolerant people of the society who believe God sends his wrath upon those who do not believe so we do not have to. We are not homosexuals, Ahmadi, Shia and on top of that, we are tolerant, because even though we think these things wrong, we are not murderers or arsonists. We are what is wrong with this society, we are the problem parading around dressed like the solution.



I hate the word ‘tolerant’. I hate people who say they tolerate like they have authority to. I do not want tolerance to be a word, I do not want it in dictionaries. There will never be anything as tolerance till we are aware of the fact that we are tolerating something we condemn. Tolerance will always have its meaning lost till it is a voluntary action and not an involuntary one.

You Need to realize what tolerance is

You kill black people because of hate speech. You murder Shias during their Holy month. You kill Salman Taseer who was just supporting the minority rights given to Pakistanis in the constitution. You beat a Hindu for eating during the Holy month of Ramadan. And you call yourself people of Allah who have all the right to judge and take action? Think again.

Wo Jin k siwa sab Kafir hai,
Jo deen k harf-e-akhir hai,
In jhootay aur makaro se,
Mazhab k thekedaro se,
Mae Baghi hu, Mae Baghi hu,
Jo Chahe Mujhpe Zulm Karo – Habib Jalib

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