This Is How Our ‘Live’ Stories On Social Media Impact Us On A Daily Basis

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The increased use of social media in every corner of Pakistan has enabled people to not only interact with each other instantly but to also be visually updated with everything happening around them. Whether it is a fashion show, an exhibition or a celebrity wedding, you can be a part of it simply through your phone. All hail the invention of stories and going live!

Media Trends are More Important Than Actual Experiences

Pakistan’s fashion industry has been booming with talents such as new designers, photographers, makeup artists, and bloggers. But has anyone bothered to notice how technology such as this has been affecting our mindsets in our society in general? We are fighting a constant battle of “who can spend more money on makeup” to the “longest wedding in Pakistan” flooding our newsfeed for days with the help of hashtags, stories. If you make the mistake of missing out on them, you find all the information in the magazines issues the next day.

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From launch parties to exhibitions, from brunches to hi-teas all are accessible to those that wish to view it. I am not complaining about this kind of lifestyle, people can spend their money as it pleases them. I am simply questioning: why is it that every tiny detail about our lives needs to be broadcasted? As if the Kardashians weren’t enough for this world to deal with!

What About Those That Cannot Afford The Lifestyles We Broadcast?

Have we ever cared enough to think about the masses? People that cannot afford this lifestyle and are trying to live up to the standards created by the upper class in our society. Has anyone thought about their feelings as to what sort of inferiority complexes they might develop?

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The Pressure Live Stories Build On People

Take a minute and look at it from the eyes of a middle class girl who is gazing at the designer clothes, the decor as she now gets the idea of a fairy tale wedding but her parents cannot afford it or a pregnant woman going through the most beautiful phase of her life where she brings another human to life but she is now worrying about throwing a themed baby shower. There are many other women in this country who simply wish they had more money to afford everything they see on their screens.

Source: Lifewire

Where Is The News That Matters?

Think about it, why don’t we see charity events on our newsfeed more often or the countless NGOs being promoted on live stories in order to encourage people to contribute the right way to the society?


Why don’t we generate support for the struggles of this country and strive for the welfare of this nation? Why don’t we highlight the efforts made by people just like you and me trying to make this country a better place?

This is not a complaint. It is a simple request to take a moment and analyze the current situation of our country and then ask yourself “What is my contribution to it?”

We Are All Accountable

Indeed, we are no one to judge anyone’s lifestyle as we are all destined to be in our own graves and are accountable for our own deeds but this is also the exact reason why we all need to be worried.

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Not just for our own selves because we have a responsibility towards one another no matter how much you deny it but also towards this country where the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing with every passing day. The reason why the rest of the world treats most of us as inferior to it is because we treat each other that way, to begin with.

If you wish to make a change, be the change because this is your home and these are your people.

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