Is Coffee Behind The Insomnia Or Just A Myth? Time To Hear The Expert

Why do people believe in myths? Like coffee is the most consuming hot beverage in the world. it has endless benefits and helps to reduce numerous diseases.

But some ridiculous myths are roaming around on every corner that’s spreading false information regarding the coffee.

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First, it was a myth that scared everyone, that Coffee consumption increases the risk of cancer diseases. But then with the help of various studies and facts, it has been proved that Coffee is the cure or say reduces the cancer disease.

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And now another myth enters with the word ‘Insomnia’. As per the myth, coffee causes Insomnia and there is no doubt people who don’t have enough knowledge about coffee and its benefits will surely believe in it.

To clear everyone’s head and give a positive path to the Coffee it’s time to play around with the facts and studies.

Coffee Causes Insomnia- Don’t Just Buy it

There have been a lot of studies regarding the human sleep cycle and it’s clear that coffee doesn’t disturb the sleep pattern. Drinking coffee before sleeping doesn’t affect your precious sleep as the new study found.

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Coffee lovers can happily enjoy their late-night cup of coffee because there’s no such myth that can prove coffee causes Insomnia.

US researchers from Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School had monitored around 785 people for a total of 5,164 days and nights. They looked closely at every participant on how much they consume coffee, alcohol, and nicotine.

The purpose of doing that is to compare each participant’s consumption to results from sleep diaries and wrist sensors. That’s got recorded everyone’s sleep duration sleep efficiency.

The result came out, nicotine and alcohol did disturb the sleep of such participants. Although on the other hand caffeine participants didn’t get disturbed.

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There’s has been a lot of research conducted on this debate and it’s been approved that coffee doesn’t disturb any sleeping cycle at all.

Experts On The Late Night Coffee Consumption

There’s no doubt or no shame in admitting that coffee consumption doesn’t affect the human body or organs. People even also started believing that Coffee is the cause of depression and lowers your energy during the workout.

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But as per the researches and doctor’s approval Coffee isn’t involved in performing such negative acts instead it plays a vital role in energizing humans before a workout and reduces depression too.

Now for Insomnia, a common coffee myth that isn’t entirely true. Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant commonly known to keep us awake and alert. Caffeine isn’t harmful to us and shouldn’t impact our sleep cycle.

Dr. Neil Stanley

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One of the sleep experts Dr, Neil Stanley said to the Independent Newspaper. Some people are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine and for these people, it’s important to avoid drinking beverages containing caffeine too close to bedtime – but there is no golden rule about this, just listen to your body.

For some people, the effects caused by caffeine are much lower and [it] may not have any effects at all. If you have been drinking two strong black cups of coffee every evening for the past 40 years and you have just developed a sleeping problem, then it is almost certainly not the coffee.

Other doctors have said that “it’s a myth that drinking coffee before bed will keep you awake. It all depends on the person and how their body reacts to caffeine.”

So, enjoy every cup of coffee anytime you want. Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverages that offers numerous health benefits that every human should consume at least. Stop buying myth, buy a nice cup of coffee, and rejoice in your day.

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