Don’t Blame Your Kids for Their Distorted Mindset If You Have Failed as a Parent

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A mindset doesn’t remain normal if it’s persistently bombarded with the aura of violence, hues, apathy, and insensitivity. They contaminate a mindset even more if the latter is thriving in the most developing of its years.

According to psychologists, 10-18 is the age when the pace with which human mind develops approaches its acme. This is the age when humans’ capacity to understand others speaks for itself. The perceptions that the developing minds build for others usually lasts forever. They are specifically constructed by observations and experiences. Simply put observations and experiences during 10-18 year phase of an individual hardly disappear from one’s memories.

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The most awful and disastrous of experiences that leave starker impacts on the children-physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially- are the fights between their parents. The mindset becomes distorted when a child regularly observes his/her father and mother yelling, abusing and mistreating each other. It becomes distorted when the screams and chaos take the form of physical violence.

It becomes distorted when the off-springs witness mothers being beaten by fathers and besides the callousness of the children. It becomes distorted when instead of melodious lullabies they sleep listening to the victim’s sobbing. It becomes distorted when weeping appears to be the destiny of the dominated.

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It becomes so distorted that even if one wants its purification because of the inadequacy in the exacerbation of the relations between F and M for different reasons, he/she stuck into a dilemma that is convoluted in nature. Neither do the observers become able to erase the bleakest of memories nor do they want to disengage themselves from those whose dignity is dear to them.

A mother is the most lovable personality for anyone who belongs to this world. Thus, it’s natural that whenever whomsoever and whatsoever is being done to mothers have consequences for the children. Even fathers are no exception; they become villains when they beat children’ mothers regardless of how much they love their offsprings.

The history of violence, injuries and mayhem make it difficult for a child to love their fathers to the extent they should be-albeit they wanted so from the core of their hearts. The recent recognition of the ideas like Feminism and all the stuff that comes to one’s knowledge through social media, print and electronic media further slackens the residual of affection.

If we want to intensify the affection between fathers and children and save the sinking boat of love, we must forget the past. Yes, the bleak, aching, shocking, depressive past-although it’s indelible. But, we must try to halt and resist against experiences that distort developing mindsets. That’s the only way forward.

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