InFocus: Discrimination Faced By Third Gender In Pakistan

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With due respect, I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities and the general public towards one of the most sensitive issues which is the rejection of the third gender by society.

Transgender (often known as khusra) enjoys the least amount of respect and rights because of their gender. Consequently, due to their contentious nature, they face massive rejections from society and hence they normally live in sequestered communities.

Source: Pakistan Today

Their gender received legal acknowledgement in 2012 when the Supreme Court of Pakistan recognized transgenders as equal citizens of Pakistan  but despite these measures, they continued to face revulsion by our society.

Source: Dunya News

I wonder that just because of a biological difference they are not considered equal enough…

It is a matter of utter disgrace that Pakistani parents consider inappropriate for their children to interact with transgender hence developing a feeling of hatred towards them and unacceptability.

People need to be sensitized in order to uplift the status of transgender community in Pakistan. Public awareness should be given through social media so that they should be treated with dignity and respect.

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