Discover, Challenge and Inspire with Infinix ZERO 20!

Discover, Challenge and Inspire with Infinix ZERO 20

Infinix and Discovery is on a mission to let people discover and challenge the heroes enclosed within themselves. For this purpose, Infinix new DVC showcases Pakistan’s leading content creators on an expedition up north Pakistan. Rana Hamza Saif (RHS) who is known for finding scrumptious food places where ever he goes along with his other interest, Umar Khan (Ukhano) always seen challenging himself and Wasif who speaks to the world as per his experiences and expertise; were seen headed on a three days journey from Lahore till Deosai where the views kept them captivated all the time.

Whether it was thrilling horse rides in Safaranga Dessert, camping under the stars in Deosai Plains, sightseeing or exceptional jeep rides in Skardu; Infinix ZERO 20’s OIS + EIS based front camera did justice to them all while standing tall during the test of time. Also blending in with the color’s sunset, Infinix ZERO 20 left no room to wander on how to capture it all on one’s smartphone.

Have a look at the full video here:

To test the OIS of Infinix ZERO 20, the production team gave an idea of horse riding in Sarfaragna Desert, Ukhano being the only one knowing the art of horse riding took the challenge and made a video from Infinix ZERO 20 while doing so. In short, Infinix’s ZERO 20 DVC let the content creators explore their inner heroes by doing different challenges during the expedition and reflect them through their content made from Infinix ZERO 20. In order to capture your own experiences and stories Infinix ZERO 20 will definitely be your best partner this year!

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