8 Things Only People Born In An Urdu Speaking Family Can Relate To

urdu speaking

Will someone help me find the origin of the term ‘Urdu-speaking’. It’s used in Pakistan’s social and political parlance to define an ethnicity or a nationality. But no one knows this terms in South Asia or elsewhere.

However, in countries like Pakistan/India, a caste difference isn’t just a language difference, there is a complete culture and lifestyle difference. Being born in an Urdu Speaking family is indeed a blessing, but it has some disadvantages as well.

1. Most Affected By ‘Log Kia Kahain Gay’


2. The Deceiving Use of ‘Hum’


3. Not Allowed To Say ‘No’, No Matter What!


4. For Girls, Getting Married Is Not An Escape From Further Studies


5. The Uncontrollable Urge To Correct Everyone Else’s Urdu


6. Always Getting Criticized For Overeating


7. Forceful Affiliation With MQM


8. Last, Inability to Perform ‘Bhangra’ like Punjabis do!


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