Diminishing Readership: Dreary Days For Newspaper Hawkers

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Newspapers in the metropolitan city are not short in numbers when it comes to their publication and ownership. In fact, by a safe estimate, every day over 100 newspapers make it to the market, but how many of them are actually circulated as per the demand?

Dealers of the many newspapers say things that may boost confidence among youth to embark on this venture of hawking papers to its readership, but do they really speak for the real newspaper hawkers?

Papers in different languages

People in this profession have very close ties with each other as the fraternity is ever-shrinking and hopes are not too high notwithstanding the fact that publications are incremental despite dying readership.

Unlike other, however, Mr. Tariq Imran says he’s doing good and he sells around 40 papers out of which more than half are of vernacular languages: Sindhi and Gujarati, and over 5 are English papers

Mr. Wahab from Classic News, who also employs hawkers, starkly draws the picture of Print Media future citing a number of reasons why this profession is not an exemplary anymore. He says people have a TV now, why would they want to read?

Since hawkers stem from the publication of the paper, thus this profession will not come to an end as long as the publishers still find the reason to keep publishing. So long!

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