Dilemmas Of Our Nation: ‘When A Girl Falls For Love’

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This story has been submitted by Hamda Naeem.

There?” A ping jolted HER from the imaginary world she lived in. A word instigated feelings that were never there before, surreal and unearthly. There are some dilemmas for a girl who falls for love, let’s highlight some!

A simple word encoded in the form of a question bought a smile to her face. A thousand million butterflies fluttered deep into the pits of her stomach. A simple word that could be perceived in thousands of ways. But majorly the thing that was enigmatic to herself was the name that wrote it down or maybe it was the gender that held the charisma.

girl in love
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A moment she blushed and the next thing she did was the one thing that she shouldn’t have done. One thing that would cost her everything but she did it anyway. She did it anyway because the sense of pride that she meant something was so strong that it clouded her better judgment. And, then a road to destruction was constructed.

She replied with two simple words “Who’s There?” and that’s it my friends. That’s it for her.

A man of her dreams

The man introduces himself and a part of her stopped her from proceeding further but as before she swallowed that weird sensation down her throat and continued replying back. He bestowed his emotions for her in the most beautiful words that could ever be written and could ever be said. He was the man of her dreams. A knight on a black horse would cater to all the worries that infected her soul. A lie, indeed a false fantasy it was but she never knew.

She blushes and then continues asking him more and the cycle continues until a moment reaches where words were not enough. Where jotting down the raging emotions was not worth it. There was more that could be done and there was more that could be explored. He plays it safe by reassuring her that she means the world to him and she strolled down the trap like a moth to flame.

As soon as his efforts are fruitful and the cycle of blind love takes a new turn, that’s where the dilemma of our nation when a girl who falls for love lies .

“Can we meet?” How simple is this question.

How ordinary are these words but we know what power they hold? A girl knows that every answer to this question will open new paths for her. A simple no means to put the love of your life who she just met in jeopardy and a yes means a smile on his face. And, by this moment it means more than everything, from your ugly personal life to the crises in your job, it was all worth it.

As simple as this request sounds as a girl of a nation where hundreds are burned for the sake of respect, responding back is not easy. But let’s get back to the story.


She replies “Yes we can but what if my parents know?” and his answer took all her worries away “I will fight the world for you as we are together in this. Come meet me.”

I can’t meet you, but!

She thinks for a while but something deep inside, twitching, halts her steps. A moment later her reply makes him stern but he still wants to play along. “I can’t meet but you can see me outside my college gate.”

He sighs on his first defeat and replies “Whatever you want. I am not even into looks. This is just my love which I will prove.”

Her boundaries are guarded but he is breaching into them. He knows the strategy to invade her but she has a will to withhold the fort of her dignity with all her might. But now they are getting weak with his constant hammering on the walls of her self respect.

The love war continues and he involves her into his family. A strategy that always pays off. A way to ensure she falls hard and a way to prove that he loves her.

“Here, sharing the pictures of my family, love,” and she dreams of a thousand ways she would adjust into his family.

She conveys her feelings to him “I want to be a part of it so talk to your parents so we can be together,” and he being the ultimate champion of this game replies with a heart melting message “If it was up to me I would have come myself to talk to your parents but its my parents that are lingering. But don’t worry we’ll get through this,” and as before she believes his lies with a smile.

Reality is ugly

Her expectations are up with each day she listens to his jibber-jabber that revolved around her. Her palms sweat each time he would praise her loving nature and long thick hair with mesmerizing eyes that smirked ecstasy to her beautiful soul that means the world to him. The need to be with him urges her to be with him but her limits stopped her. The late-night texting and the sweet romance continues waking her up in deep slumbers thinking of ways they could be together.

Until one day. One day, he gets bored of not getting what he wants. One day he realizes the trap failed.

“Hello!” She answered a call from his number and her life suddenly changed. “It’s his fiance. Stop calling him or you might regret it.” She didn’t have a reply to the one speaking at the other end. She knew she had lost the battle of love as she dropped him a message “Is this true?” and the reply made her stomach churn with the fears his words could withhold “I have nothing to say except apologizing to you.”

girl love

Nothing to say and nothing to be done. She is broken and numb. All sensations are gone along with the tingling sensation that warmed her. The fears are all around for what she has done. For what it would cost. This is where all senses are snatched and one prevails, fear and devastation.

This is not the end girls…

But here my friend the real story starts. This is not the end girls. This is not it. Let’s continue to the next step which every single one of you has never thought of exploring.

The real story that our nation never explored. The journey from breaking to shattering and to be moulded into a new person. The journey from pleas that shook the seventh sky to the ability that leads us to strive hard. This is where our country lacks. We are a nation where we give in to grief but to survive is something we are never taught.

Let me tell you where this story could go from here. Let me tell you girls that grief is a weapon that we should wear as a shield. A shield so strong as to be never broken by the wildest winds. An armour of grief that protects us from the mind numbing ache that a breakup causes.

She cries for a day or two but from here there are two paths. One which we usually take into grief and end our lives for the sake of a man so invaluable as if the rotten garbage was placed in front. Or, the one she took. She wiped her tears. She gets up and smiles. Her lips curve into a pout and she says a word that reflects the gratefulness for not getting pregnant and being left to die on a rotten private clinic bed to the blackmailing that would lead her to end her own life.

Suggestions for girls

 And, that word my friend is “ALLAH TERA SHUKAR”. These words withheld with them everything.

As a girl let me advise you a few things. Do three things when a boy texts you, how old or young he might be, keep these two things in your mind and you will survive. I assure you.

  • Ask him to send his parents for your hand in marriage
  • Give him a limited time of a month or two and then ask if they are approaching or not?
  • Limit your texting and screen time to minimize the feeling that ignites inside. This will help eventually.

If his answers are no, maybe and I will. Cutt off the connections and if they do contact give your relation a name that the world knows that your love is worth a thousand mountains being torn in half. A difficult decision might be to break off the tie, but this is what has to be done. This is what will bail you out from the fears of being humiliated in public to blackmailing into doing immoral deeds.

Self-preservation & self-control

As girls we should know that belief is something that will save us from devastation that is rendered from a man so immoral that the devil would shy.

We are ungrateful girls. We have never thanked God Almighty for the countless blessings that surround us. Start from saying thank you to each and everyone surrounding you for caring for you and for holding your back.

We seek the attention of a man that we have no relation whatsoever. We seek his love and his approval. What does that bring? A sense of satisfaction or a sense of pride that we still mean something for a while but then it is utterly devastating.

As the moment he leaves you be thankful. Secondly, start jotting down the things you love and strive for them. The harsh blow you had will reborn you from ashes. Seek forgiveness from the one above if you feel violated. These few things will alter you into a person you were never before and I assure you of that.

Your self-preservation and your self-control are two things that will save you.

Fight for yourself as it is what needs to be done. You are not worthless and you are not garbage. Keep that in mind and you will float the ocean of lies and self-presumptions.

An article for girls to be safe in a world where a single text message leads to death or utter devastation. Have a strong belief that you are worth fighting for and you are worth everyone’s attention and then fight for yourself. Be happy and be safe. The words of a man so invaluable are not worth putting your life to an end.

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