Dil Kahe – A Tribute To ‘Junoon’ And ‘Jal’ By Khumaar Is A Must Listen For Everyone

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The belief that Pakistan is a country full of talented people can never be doubted. We, being a part of Pakistan, our duty is to support them as they are the future of the nation.

They are our rising stars. We should encourage all the self-made people as they are our heroes as well! They put their hard work and talent together to make Pakistan proud. KHUMAAR THE BAND also consists of such talented people.

Their first official song, Dil Kahe, reminds us of the nostalgic days of Jal the band and Junoon.

The song is mellifluous in its very own way. The lilting adds to the beauty of the song making it more of what we call food for the ears. Moreover, the rich soothing lyrics can stir your imagination.

Indeed, the magical voice adds to the perfection of it setting hearts on fire.

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