5 Reasons Why it is Difficult for Empaths to Find the Right Person to be With

The one major element which fades away in human beings as they grow old is empathy. The ability to understand someone and read them while resonating with them defines empathy, which seems more of something missing in today’s generation. Despite the common pattern observed, you will find empaths in different circles, trying to hide their emotions because “fitting-in” is difficult for them.

Empaths are understanding towards others – they are considerate, compassionate and hypersensitive who can “feel” what the other person is experiencing. While they are sensitive towards others, they challenge themselves more by not being in a commitment with someone who doesn’t understand them.

Empaths Are Difficult to Settle in a Relationship As They Find it Hard to Find a Partner

Not everyone has the same level of understanding and tolerance as empaths have. Here are some reasons why it gets difficult for them to find the right person:

1. They Know Exactly What They Want

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They have seen enough to understand when someone is messing around with them or not. They won’t run after some – they won’t search for the answers. They will want one to be upfront and because people in a relationship don’t do that, it makes it difficult for them to settle.

2. They Wish to Remain Intense

Empaths keep deep connections – they know the downside and the upside of life and the troubles. Ordinary doesn’t please them and because they are so intensified, not everyone can keep up with it.

3. They Can Read Through People

Only because they can read through someone doesn’t mean they are okay with it – given how considerate they are, they will be there for you, they will understand your situation, but that doesn’t mean they will be okay with being with you.

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This essentially makes them difficult to read because you may not know how they feel about the situation you share with them.

4. They Love Very Hard

They know the good side of life – they know the bad side of life. They may give their all, but in return, they wish the same because an empathic never have room for games.

5. They are Loyal and Sincere

It all narrows down to how they have no room for games. Once they find the connection with someone, all they want to do is establish and grow with them.

One may call them “high-maintenance” but at the end of the day, they don’t want to fool around.

Being with an empathic is definitely a hard pill to swallow, but the thrill is worth it. Believe it or not, they will understand your situation.

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