This Differently-abled Boy from Karachi Photocopies Documents for People Using Solar Energy

To no surprise, we have come across many differently-abled people in our country who have achieved on a monumental scale in their lives. They are the epitome of inspiration that we can outright seek from them. It all comes down to the point that everyone deserves to live a normal, fulfilling life and this is where differently-abled people inspire us with their positive and proactive approach towards life.

Just recently, a differently-abled guy in Karachi was seen photocopying documents for by-passers. Now, what is inspiring is that he powers his photocopying machine using solar energy. This genius is Talha Sheikh, who has done a Software course from a reputable institution and who has won millions of hearts for what he is up to.

Meet Talha Sheikh, a guy who was seen photocopying documents for people in Garden Area, Karachi

People continue to outpour massive respect for this person here. He continues to defy all odds and remains an incredible source of inspiration for all of us. We are always on the look for celebrating differently-abled people who empower themselves to achieve incredible things in life.

Due to the power of social media, Talha Sheikh came to the surface and more and more people got to know about him. His proactive approach, his positive outlook towards and his incredible quotient to do hard work is something that we may find a rare quality in people. This guy is a perfect example of defying all odds, molding them in one’s favor and having no excuses for not doing incredible things in life.

Massive respect to Talha Sheikh!

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