Oh No, Did Ahsan Ikram Drop Minal Khan While He Was Lifting Her Up In His Arms?

ahsan ikram drop minal khan

The prominent twins Minal Khan and Aiman Khan, along with their families and husbands, have been enjoying a trip to the northern area, and their Instagram feeds have been overflowing with stunning pictures. It was funny how Ahsan Ikram drop Minal khan while lifting her up in the snow.

Every now and then the Khan sisters enjoy getaways to go on with their spouses, with their friends, and even with their families, and this time they went with their family with their husbands joining them. It is perhaps their first trip together with family and spouses.

Celebrity family members are reportedly on a vacation in Murree, staying in a luxury resort and enjoying the cold weather and beautiful snowfall.

The trending duos have made sure to take their fans right along with them, updating their Instagram profiles that are now loaded with stunning pictures of the them at picturesque locations. They have even taken their followers along for a virtual ride.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s munchkin Amal has been jumping out of joy amid her first snow with her parents. The newlyweds Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram can also be seen having fun with the little one in pictures.

Did Ahsan Ikram really drop Minal Khan?

Speaking of the newlywedded couple, Minal and Ahsan have also been sharing many pictures.

Ahsan shared pictures with Minal in which he can be seen carrying her in his arms. Meanwhile, another shows her lying on a snow-covered ground while he lifts her up as if he had dropped her down. Or perhaps that is the way he lifted her into his arms in the first place. Anyhow, let’s take a look at the pictures from their trip.

Here you go!

Minal and Ahsan recently received a lot of trolling from the public. A video of Minal making a half-witted comment backstage of a fashion show emerged that showed her talking about marital bliss.

As the video made rounds on social media, Minal ended up receiving flak over her comments on marriage. Users spared no time trolling the actor over her witless comment.

Ahsan previously have a sparkling diamond set as munh dikhai present to Minal, who recorded it and shared with fans. People were generally unhappy with the munh dikhai video and said that such things should remain private or shared only within the family.

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