A Group of People Took over Different Cities of Pakistan and Their Beautiful Gesture Is Inspiring Us All

A Group of People Took over Different Cities of Pakistan and Their Beautiful Gesture Is Inspiring Us All

It’s the government’s duty as well a communal responsibility of every citizen to keep the city clean and tidy. Without a doubt, it is only if our joint efforts engage and help implement this major idea in practice. Recently, a group of people including Abrar-ul-Haq were up to something really incredible. To contest a major challenge faced by our country Pakistan, the men joined up all efforts to engage a campaign that was aimed to clean various parts of the country laden with garbage and waste.

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This is what happened when the #DSF team took on a challenge in 9 cities including Karachi, Lahore, Sukkur, Hyderabad, and Narowal

It was part of #SupremeCityInitiative, an initiative by Diamond Supreme Foam to clean and beautify different parts of the particular cities and promote an atmosphere of cleanliness with examples.

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It directly pin-points to the core aspects of the brand that it aims to provide its customers with utmost comfort, which not only confines to having a good night’s sleep on the perfect mattress but also by cleaning the streets, roads, pathways, walls etc. Thus, allowing others to follow suit.

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These efforts serve as a wake-up call and reminds us of our individual responsibilities as Pakistani citizens

Surely, the campaign attracted many volunteers to chip in. One-by-one, the good word spread and a brilliant example stood for the community. It comes down to one of the contemporary values of being a citizen – taking ownership. Certainly, #SupremeCityInitiative by #DiamondSupremeFoam hovers above as a vital inspiration for us to take charge.

Through their initiative, the DSF team totally changed what this street corner looked like before…

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An area laden with piles of waste and garbage lingering around, they took charge of cleaning it. Not only the #DSF team cleared away all the waste but also beautified the corner by painting its walls. Safe to say, their efforts breathed a new life into it.

Talking on the occasion of the launch of #SupremeCityInitiative in Karachi, the CEO of Diamond Foam said:

Wellbeing is all about taking ownership, and it is our prime responsibility to keep our cities clean just like we keep our homes clean. This is a collective initiative where all Pakistanis should join hands with us and contribute to making our cities more beautiful, hygienic and cleaner, to give a better tomorrow to our future generations.

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We can take immense inspiration from it. Our minute efforts come into action here. Simply disposing of litter can make a difference. Starting little, starting gradual, but starting to take responsibility and developing a proactive mindset in this regard can do a lot in the longer run. #SupremeCityInitiative serves as the best example!

We are ardent proponents of this idea by #DSF; let’s pledge to keep our surroundings clean – here’s you can be a part of it:

Join hands with Diamond Supreme Foam and make a difference. Make your neighborhood a cleaner place for you, for me and all the rest. Send a WhatsApp message, SMS or Call at 0320 SUPREME (7877363), or connect via Facebook.

Supreme City Anthem

Diamond Supreme Foam has taken an oath to work towards keeping our beautiful nation clean and green! Watch the official Supreme City Anthem below:#SupremeCityInitiative #DiamondSupremeFoam

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