Dia Mirza Schools BJP Leader For Tweet Against Viral Death Of Kashmiri

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Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has lashed out at Modi’s government for showing no empathy towards the people of Kashmir.

On Wednesday, Indian Army mercilessly killed a man in front of his 3-year-old grandson in Indian occupied Kashmir. The event shook us to the core, as a young 3-year-old boy sits near the dead body of his grandfather. The picture has gone viral and people have been condemning the brutal act.

However, some heartless people are celebrating the brutal act of killing. They tagged the incident as a terrorist attack, however, what the Indian media portrayed as an attack, was later on proven to be the Indian forces themselves who killed the man.

BJP spokesperson posted a tweet celebrating the killing, to which Mirza lashed out at him for lacking empathy.

But, the BJP leader was also quick to respond back to Mirza. He took a dig at the actress for apparently supporting Pakistan. The heated debate continued as Mirza asked him to stop the politics and feel the pain and horror of the little boy.

The poor kid is seen sitting near the dead body of his grandfather. The family and eyewitnesses are saying that it was the Indian army and forces that caused this misery to happen.

Moreover, the Indian Army is killing innocent Muslims in Indian occupied Kashmir everyday. The situation is horrifying and heartbreaking. It is only proving how much hatred Indians really comprise in their hearts. The fascist mindset of Modi is blinding and depriving them of humanity.

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