DI Khan Hunter Kills Hundreds Of Sparrows As Lockdown Hobby

A Man In DI Khan Slaughters Hundreds Of Sparrows For Hunting

Wildlife hunting has always been a popular activity among individuals across the world. However, the activity in Pakistan is considered illegal. In spite of that, foreigners and even locals engage themselves in this inhumane act that destructs wildlife.

Recently, a tweet by “Save the wild” illustrated a hunting incident that occurred in Dera Ismail (D.I.) Khan District, KPK. The tweet showed many sparrows killed by a group of men for hunting.

Sparrows in D.I. Khan killed for hunting

A man named Sajid, along with his friends killed hundreds of sparrows in Kulachi Tehsil of D.I. Khan for hunting.

Source: Twitter

The tweet by Save the life stated: “MASSACRE IN D.I.KHAN #KPK Hundreds of sparrows were killed by this man Sajid and his accomplices in kulachi, All in the name of hunting and party! When questioned he justified it by claiming they were migratory birds.That highlights another issue in #pakistan where even protected migratory species are considered a free game just because they are not native! We hope kpk wildlife department will live up to their reputation and this evil man will be taken to task immediately.We attach link to his Facebook profile so you can see his actions are being condemned even by his own friends.”

Similar hunting incidents in other regions of Pakistan

This is not the first incident of hunting in Pakistan. In March 2020, a video by Save the wild showed that an unknown man mercilessly killed a velociraptor in Punjab. However, the Punjab wildlife department failed to capture the raptor slayer as he went on his spree of killing more within the country.

Another hunting incident occurred in December 2019 when seven Qatari hunters were arrested for hunting Houbara Bustards (Taloor) in Balochistan. Four of them were from the Royal Qatari family. The latter came here with the intention of enjoying a hunting endeavor.

Source: NYT

After habitat destruction, Unsustainable wildlife is the second-largest direct threat to global biodiversity. A 2019 research by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) states that an average of 25 percent of global species can go extinct. The research by IPBES also stated that populations of vertebrate species on Earth has declined by an average 0f 60 percent since 1970.

It is essential for the government of Pakistan to take action for survival of wildlife species threatened by extinction.

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