Would You Try This Viral ‘Doodh Patti Ice Cream’ With Paratha? Not Sure How We Feel About This!

doodh patti ice cream paratha

If you come from a desi household, you would know that chai and paratha is one of the most loved combinations. With a steaming cup of tea with a paratha steeped in ghee and all the goodness, all seems right in the world. But can you ever imagine this very combination being made into ice cream? Believe it or not, this just became a reality, doodh patti ice cream with paratha!

A Twitter user named Owais Siddiqui came up with this kind of a reimagined version of chai and paratha. Instead of chai, the guy opted for masala chai flavored ice cream with paratha.

Uh oh! Just when you thought bizarre food concoctions could not get any worse, a culinary lad decided to ruin the most important beverage for desi folks and managed to hit the viral note.

Siddiqui wrote on Twitter, “Chai paratha reimagined, spiced doodh patti ice cream with sugar laced parhatta.”

The ice cream was spiced tea flavored which consisted of milk, spices, and tea leaves. While paratha itself was sugar-laced and used as a cone for the ice cream. Siddiqui made a cone out of the humble paratha and put scoops of masala chai ice cream in it.

In no time, the tweet went crazy viral on social media and garnered a lot of attention. It also generated a discussion in the comments section of his post. While some several supported his idea, the other certain people were pretty much disgusted with the combo.

So here is the idea behind the unique recipe!

The netizens have quite mixed feelings about this strange combo

Seeing the US-based caterer whip up an unusual doodh patti ice cream flavor and pair it with paratha, the social media users went insane over the idea.

Whoa! Way too mixed reactions, no? Twitter came down heavily on him and while some really liked the idea, many were disgusted by the combination. But well, we have come across worse combos so this one does not really seem that bad.

While this sure looks like a bomb fusion dish, we still would not trade our divine chai paratha for anything. How can it be any fun to have a paratha without the garam garam chai? But how about you? Would you want to give this a try?

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