Dhai Chaal: Pakistani Movie Featuring Ayesha Omar & Shamoon Abbasi!

Dhai Chaal Pakistani movie

Pakistan’s sweetheart, Ayesha Omar who has graced the screens of Bulbulay announced her upcoming movie Dhai Chaal. She revealed her role as a lead alongside actor Shamoon Abbasi. Moreover, Ayesha spoke about the beautiful storyline that circulates around Balochistan and the hardships faced by the locals.

“The story is about the sacrifices of people in Balochistan, who went through a lot of hard times to reinstate peace in the region,” said Ayesha Moreover, In this movie, Ayesha plays a journalist from Quetta, who is struggling to get the real story out about the harsh ground-realities in Balochistan. This is quite refreshing as Ayesha will be seen playing an intense character, compared to her other roles. However, Shamoon’s character is not that of a hero!

Ayesha Omar in Dhai Chaal

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Shamoon Abbasi is playing a RAW Agent from India!

Shamoon, however, is playing a negative character in the plot. His role is based on the infamous ‘Kulbhushan Jadhav’ as he plays a RAW agent who is out to cause chaos within the province. Previously, news about Shamoon playing Abhinandan in a comedy Pakistani movie made rounds. However, it hasn’t materialized yet.

Khulbushan Yadav

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Shamoon Abbasi speaking about his character, said, “My role is based on the events of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the RAW agent from India that was appointed to create chaos in the region of Balochistan and damage any relation between Pakistan and China”

Ayesha dished out more inside scoops about the story and added, “The story is about Balochistan, it’s about foreign entities there and how the people of Balochistan sacrificed a lot and went through a lot of hard times to regain peace in the region. It’s about everything they gave up; it’s the story of students, of journalists.”

Balochistan Schools

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Truly inspiring. It is about time our Baloch brothers and sisters get the recognition they deserve. In addition to this, Ayesha informed how the movie incorporated local Baloch talent; namely Adnan Shah Tipu, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Mairaj, Humayun Ashraf, and Pakiza Khan.

What inspired Ayesha Omar to take on such a serious role?

To this, the actress told about the inspiration that compelled her to immediately sign up for the role. She spoke highly of the producer Irfan Ashraf’s passion for this project that piqued her interest in this movie. Ayesha said, “He’s been working in the region of Balochistan for the past 15 years. He’s an anchor as well and nobody gives much importance to Balochistan.” 

Adding to this, she said, “Nobody wants to highlight things that are going on and he really wanted to because he studied there, lived there, he saw the struggles of the people.”

Dhai Chaal Ayesha Omar Shamoon Abbasi

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Truly, Irfan Ashraf has the perfect vision for not just the production but the story, as he has first-hand experience. However, the entire credit cannot be solely given to the producer. Ayesha doesn’t forget to mention the writer and the director who are Faiza Choudhry and  Taimoor Sherazi, respectively.

Bulbulay actress says, “It’s a team of young people, energetic and hard-working kids from universities in Balochistan. They’ve all been working day and night and love working from the heart.”

Dhai Chaal is one great project everyone should look forward too. Of course, it has a heavy storyline unlike the usual chick-flicks or romantic movies, Pakistan is venturing out to more important matters. It is about time Balochistan is represented within the entertainment industry and what better way than this movie.

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