This Dhabba in Lahore Serves Exclusively to the Deaf People and the Concept is Just Beautiful!

If you have been to Lahore, you’d see how some of the historic places which were once taken an exclusive part of the heritage continue being important for the locals. For starters, the old Lahore and the Urdu Bazar area is filled with places which remind you of the stories your grandparents used to tell you.

In the same context, founded after the partition of Pakistan and India, there is a cafe in Lahore which serves the deaf individuals only.

The Yaku Tea Stall – A Cafe and a Dhabba for Deaf Individuals to Socialise and Enjoy

The cafe was founded years ago after the partition and continues serving to the core purpose. It is situated on the Temple Road, Mozangg

Deaf individuals gather and discuss their day to day struggles and stories over chai and snooker. Individuals share how they have been visiting the cafe for around 30 years. When bored from home, they come to the cafe, talk to people and vent out.

Abdul Razzaq was the man who founded the cafe. The customers started calling him “Yaku” and hence, the cafe was named after the nickname. According to the snooker club owner Mr. Haidar Sanam, prominent figures such as Noor Jehan and founder of Jang News also shared tea and gossip at the cafe back in the day.

There’s also a Snooker Space for Individuals!

Watch the Complete Video on this Cafe:

Given how people with disabilities are always neglected, such a place definitely means a lot to them. People like themselves, with the similar issue, connect and interact on daily basis, being able to understand what they go through.

We definitely need more places like this which can cover the needs of people with certain disabilities!

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