Attention Karachiites! DHA Sunday Market Is Back and Here’s What You Need to Know

Every Pakistani knows just how much of a wonderful place flea markets happen to be. You can find all kinds of stuff from anywhere in the world at a ridiculously low price. Especially in Karachi, certain markets are quite famous and populated by citizens from all walks of life.

Not just Sunday markets, in many areas, there are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and even Saturday markets. The increasing popularity of such markets has given merchants more opportunities and chances to sell any kinds of things. The kind of things that are majorly sold here include vegetables, fruits, household items, bags, shoes, clothes and what not… What’s rather interesting is that these items are either smuggled from abroad or been in the usage of people abroad. One just has to have the eye for picking out the best piece in a pool of items.

Good news for Karachiites, their favorite Sunday market in DHA is baaaack!

The video above was shared on the group Halaat Updates on Facebook.

The market in the area of DHA grabs a lot of attention. You can find all kinds of people here, flocking from far-flung areas to get hold of the good stuff available here. The Sunday market in DHA no longer existed for the past couple of years but now it’s back and we hear that it’s bigger and better than before!

So guys, when are you set to make a visit?

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