DHA Police Vs Innocent Mehak’s Pet Dog-Will She Gets The Justice?

DHA Police Vs Innocent Mehak's Pet Dog-Will She Gets The Justice?

Killing animals isn’t the best hobby to adopt, but that it looks like DHA police love to implement bad habits.

A 6-month-old innocent dog was shot in cold blood even despite the security guard of the street had told the police that it’s a pet dog and the owner lives here.

The owner of the pet uploaded the video on Instagram, where she had told the whole scenario and ask the audience to file a case against the DHA police.

Source: Instagram

Mehak sobbing and asking you all to take action against such barbarian butcher DHA police. The way DHA police are approaching the method of getting rid of stay dogs isn’t the actual problem solver at all.

Street dogs require shelter, food, and safety not the bullet.

Pakistani citizens have forgotten that animals also take breathe, eat and sleep. Because the way they exhibit their behavior towards the stray dogs or even to pet ones is unacceptable at all.

A bunch of psychopaths had been exposed in Punjab, who were organizing dog fights. Even in DG Khan, where human monsters make dog fight with A Helpless Jackal.


The reaction to Mehak’s video is heart touching.

Now the major question arises, will the DHA police be held responsible for killing an innocent pet dog? Will Mehak get the justice? Or will it stay the same as it always been happening in our country? Although justice couldn’t bring her lovely dog back.

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