DG ISPR Calls Out Indian Army Chief For Constantly Provoking War!

DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Slams Indian Army Chief Over Azad Kashmir Statements

Indian armed forces, unlike Pakistan’s, have repeatedly shown irresponsible behavior towards sensitive matters; including the rash response to situations that could have been handled without blame-games, spewing lies and constant provocation of war.

Furthermore, Indian armed forces never showed the same enthusiasm towards resolving the heated matters between the two neighbors but instead, rejected Pakistan’s efforts towards peace talks.

DG ISPR major general Asif Ghafoor has slammed the Indian forces through factual replies and with legitimate proofs; foiling their every attempt at fabrication of news to portray Pakistan as a weak and a terror state.

Moreover, Asif Ghafoor didn’t let any opportunity slip by, popping their false bubble of victories against Pakistan. There have been many times Maj Gen Asif took India to the cleaners and he is unforgiving; rightly so.

DG ISPR criticizes Indian Army Chief


Since old habits die hard, India even after facing international embarrassment in the recent past at the hands of Pakistan, resorted to lying yet again. According to India, they targetted ‘terror-camps’ in Azad Kashmir that Asif Ghafoor smartly debunked and turned their lies into an opportunity to expose the Indian army.

In addition to this, the Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat also declared Azad Kashmir as the land controlled by the terrorists. Speaking at the army commanders’ conference he said, “PoK is actually a terrorist-controlled part of Pakistan,” Adding to this, he continued, “It is because the territory which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan is not controlled by the Pakistani establishment, it is controlled by terrorists. PoK is actually a terrorist-controlled country or a terrorist-controlled part of Pakistan”

Here’s the complete speech: 

Of course, Maj Gen Asif wouldn’t let this go by and he took it to Twitter, setting record straight:

DG ISPR slams Indian Army Chief for warmongering and declared the Indian Army as a ‘rogue force’!

At this point when the situations between India and Pakistan have escalated to unimaginable heights, things need to be spelled out boldly and bluntly by Pakistan in order to keep the neighbors in check. Asif Ghafoor heavily criticized Indian Army Chief for provoking war with irresponsible statements, he said:

These are heavy words aimed at Indian COAS. But they are every bit true. “endangering regional peace for electioneering of political masters” to “turn Indian army into a rogue force and getting them killed”

“heli crashes due to so called tech fault cum fratricide just to become Indian CDS is actually at the cost of professional military ethos”

Among Indian Forces’ many in-competencies, their helicopters continue to crash left and right.

Dropping them likes its hot. 

This isn’t the first time Major Gen Asif Ghafoor has been hard-hitting. But, in fact, he has exposed Indian armed forces for times too many to count. Yet, India blinded by their enmity and political agendas continue to humiliate themselves with their petty and desperate attempts.

Ever since the abrogation of Article 370, India’s hidden Hindutva face has been unveiled for the world to see. Moreover, PM Imran’s UNGA speech was just the cherry on top. Hopefully, the voices of Pakistan and of innocent Kashmiris suffering under the Indian military will be heard by the UN and the world.

With IoK’s rights snatched in an instant, women suffering unimaginable violations and with absolutely nowhere to go for help; India will pay a heavy price!

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