This Guy Lost His Bag While Traveling from Islamabad and DG ISPR Came to the Rescue!

The power of social media is boundless. Social media being the forefront medium of communication has changed everything incredibly. You have the ease and convenience of being connected to a whole bunch of community out there. Social media users have leveraged this to utmost benefit!

Scrolling down our timelines we come across different stories. People rant, share their opinions, raise their voices over a cause and of course, take a leap forward in helping one another. About the latter, social media has proven to be effective greatly! Whether you lost an item, need a suggestion, want to report an incident, speak up about a problem or raise awareness over a concern – the power of social media in resolving matters is phenomenal. Just recently, another guy sought for help when he encountered a huge problem at his disposal.

This guy lost his bag containing important items while traveling from Islamabad and he sought social media’s help

Shabbir explains that he was traveling from Islamabad to his hometown of Skardu. He lost his bag during the journey and reveals that it contained some really important documents from his academic records to documents of his father’s treatment of brain tumor. He revealed that it would cause trouble and would be an obstruction in his father’s treatment if the bag is never found.

DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor shared the video where Shabbir is appealing for help. The honorable DG used his influence to offer help to a local citizen.

2 Hours later, the bag was found…

Major General Asif Ghafoor confirmed that the bag in question was found. He showed his immense gratitude to people who helped out.


He further acknowledged how the power of social media led it to happen. He urged people to utilize this power for the better and always vouch for a safe Pakistan.

Moving on… we just saw a brilliant display of brotherhood and responsibility among our community. People genuinely took a leap to help this guy. He realized the magnitude of social media and it’s incredible how people diligently took steps to helping Shabbir.

Well, guys, you don’t come across such incredible stories every day, do you?

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