DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Takes a Dig At India By Offering Them a ‘Tissue’ and Pakistanis Are Confused AF

Another day, another battle of words between India and Pakistan.

After the tweet made by Prime Minister Imran Khan on how his invitation was denied by the Indian Prime Minister Modi, things have been pretty tense between the arch rivals. With Indian army threatening to attack the Pakistani land to snarky comments, it is like a verbal battlefield these days.

While the Indian army made it pretty clear that they won’t show any remorse towards Pakistan, our army continues to show how they are not afraid of anyone either.

From the locals to the army officials and yes, the DG ISPR as well, everyone commented on how Pakistan won’t back out and isn’t afraid.

And while proving this, DG ISPR did something which seems pretty hilarious to many.

In A Tweet he Posted, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor, While Talking About India, Wrote #NoIssueLyLoTissue

Coming from India and alike means the job is done. Long Live Pakistan Armed Forces Long Live Pakistan #NoIssueLyLoTissue

This tweet was posted by Asif Ghafoor’s persona account, not his official account:

Now Pakistanis Believe Using this Hashtag #NoIssueLyLoTissue Is Extremely Unfunny and Unprofessional, Coming From a Man Designated at Such a Rank

And It Started


People Were Drawing Comparisons Because of the ‘Over-Confidence’

Okay so given how the DG ISPR made the tweet from his personal account, let’s say we shouldn’t be this critical, you know?

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