DFresh Is Now Delivering Fresh Vegetables & Fruits To Your Doorstep And What More Could You Ask For?!

In the age of growing technology, mankind is becoming accustomed to ease in every possible way. From the times when men had to walk hundreds of kilometers to reach one destination, today, cars and airplanes have cut-short that distance completely.

Things are now becoming easier and very convenient!

Mankind now wants the same ease, less effort, and quicker results. Speaking of which, Daraz is already helping Pakistanis avail the best of online services acting as the leading marketplace, their new venture is going to change the way Pakistan deals with purchasing, which now includes grocery shopping!

What more could you’ve asked for?! 

Welcome DFresh, Daraz’s new venture that promises to bring you the freshest fruits and vegetables of the highest quality – ONLINEEE!! 

Ever felt really excited about buying sabzi and phal?


Things are about to change! Well, they have already!

DFresh brings you both locally produced and imported grade A and grade B fruits and vegetables, on premium rates. Today, even if you want to go out to your local market to buy fruits and vegetables, you waste a lot of your time finishing the whole ordeal.

But not anymore!


From baring the traffic to bargaining with shopkeepers, only to come home and find out that the fruits or veggies you purchased were ‘gali hui’ or ‘kachi’. Well, this trouble has already been sorted for the people of Karachi, as DFresh has been launched in Pakistan’s metropolitan city.

Soon, DFresh plans on expanding and catering to the rest of Pakistan. This new service of ease brings fresh vegetables and fruits to your doorstep, only one day after you place your order.


If that wasn’t enough, DFresh offers fruits that you just cannot buy in your local markets, these include Passionfruit, Blackberries, Mangosteen, and Colored Bell Peppers. Every day, DFresh procures fruit that is fresh, not a day old.

What are you waiting for? Order away!


Let DFresh take care of your fruits and vegetables, just place your order, wait a day and voila! Quality fruits and vegetables are at your doorstep. DFresh is offering free delivery on orders above Rs. 500!

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