India’s Mass Detention Camps For 2M Muslims In Assam May Trigger War!

India NRC Detention Camp

Is the prophecy of the end times as described by the last prophet of Allah finally coming true? India is nearing its agenda to eradicate Muslims from its soil under the guise of the recent Citizenship bill (CAB); which was deemed controversial and anti-Muslim, leading to nation-wide protests by the Indian Muslim community.

Although the Hindu-extremist party BJP including Modi reiterated that it has nothing to do with the Indian Muslims; however, that is far from the truth. India was never a secular state to begin with and has always been very much a Hindu-national country; where Muslims were suppressed, lynched and were made victims of religious hatred.

Indian detention Camps for Muslims

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Currently, India is facing protests in many states, including New Delhi. The protests that started as peaceful demonstrations soon turned violent where even students of Jamia Millia Islamia University weren’t spared by the police forces.

Their gross violence towards Muslims exposed India more for what they aim to achieve with the Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB). The police force seething with hatred against Muslims didn’t even spare their own Army officer for protecting the Imam of a mosque.

Anti-CAB protest

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This bill was just a small part of the bigger picture that India has been working on; which is to enslave more than 2 Million Muslims, who fail to produce decades-old documents proving their nationality and descent. Assam has already been targetted as nearly 2 Million individuals’ names failed to appear in India’s National Register of Citizens (NRC).

India is building mass detention camps for the Muslims, in Assam!

The root of all this dates back during the partition of India which proves that the founder of Pakistan’s visions to be right and true. These detention camps will play the role of a massive jail for the people that India has written off as ‘illegal immigrants’.

Detention Camps Assam

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This news is widely known by the residents of India. 

How long will the Indian government deny thinking their repeated lies will become a reality? When the proof of enslaving Muslims in detention camps is very much a reality and common knowledge?

Imran Khan on NRC and CAB.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has raised his voice against the injustice Muslims have been suffering at large including that of IoK. Speaking about NRC and the potential uprooting of millions of Indian Muslims; he appealed to the world to step in before it is too late. Moreover, he reminded that Pakistan is in no condition to accept any more Muslim refugees that will flee India, as a result of Hindutva barbarism against them.

Imran said, “We are worried there not only could be a refugee crisis, we are worried it could lead to a conflict between two nuclear-armed countries”

As the situation for the Muslims is reaching its last leg, there is a threat looming of a major war between India and Pakistan. This leads to the prophecy mentioned in Islam regarding a war before the end of time. In addition, a Sufi saint even predicted the potential war.

Hopefully, India’s religious cleansing will be halted. In addition, strict actions will be taken regarding the atrocities against Muslim minorities.

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