5 Desserts That Will Make This ‘Meethi Eid’ Even Sweeter!

With Eid-al-Fitr just around the corner, the preparations to make the most out of this holy and auspicious occasion have already begun. Every city is stormed with shoppers, trying to find the perfect garments and other necessities for this extremely anticipated day.

While all the clothes and other accessories are by choice, there is a reason Eid-al-Fitr is known as ‘Meethi Eid’. It’s because after fasting the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims open the day’s account by eating something sweet, sharing it with friends and families.

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of 5 desserts that will most definitely make this ‘Meethi Eid’ sweeter than ever!

1. The classical Rabri from Burns Road, Karachi

Source: pakdefence

Go extremely desi this Eid. Take a trip to Burns Road in Karachi and feast on the slimy, yummy, gooey, and gummy Rabri, that has gone viral all over Pakistan on more than one occasion. Meethi eid just got super sweet!

2. These scrumptious cakes from Hobnob!

Source: Hobnob

When it comes to cakes, Hobnob is definitely the only bakery you would want to be at. Some of the best and most innovative cakes in K-town! Hobnob’s sublime variety of cakes are a must-buy this Eid to impress friends and family who come over. Eid also brings forth a tradition of taking something sweet to a friend or relative’s house when visiting, and what would be better than a cake that is made to perfection? Additionally, Hobnob is bringing huge discounts for customers this Eid that range up to 40%! Also, don’t forget to grab something savory before you leave this bakery!

Some cakes which you must try are: 1) Blueberry & Lemon Cake, 2) Chocolate Heaven Cake, 3) Toffee Three Milk Cake and 4) Seasonal Mango Cheesecake/Mango Three Milk Cake.

3. The munchy-and-crunchy Nankhatai from Lahore

Source: youtube

Something out of the ordinary, the Nankhatai is a genuinely yummy dessert and people love buying these biscuits, also gifting them! Lahore is famous for its Nankhatai, so if you’re in Lahore this Eid, this could be the perfect gift/dessert for home.

4. The innovative Custard-Fruit-Trifle from Food Fusion

Source: foodfusion

Fruits, cream, jelly, cake, and custard in a bowl? Sounds like something the kids would go ‘nuts’ over, literally. Fruit trifles have somewhat become a hit in Pakistan in recent years and Food Fusion’s version of the dessert hands down stands out! A must try this Eid.

5. The famous Brownies from Islamabad

Source: filmyjoyo

This place called Burning Brownie in Islamabad is quite famous for their wholesome brownies served with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. If you’re in Islamabad, it could be a perfect dessert date with your family this Eid, because hey, almost every family likes to stroll out on Eid at night!

So, what choice did you make? Is it going to be those flavourful cakes from Hobnob or a desi dessert this Eid? Regardless, anything bought or made with love include blessings of the Almighty on this auspicious day. We wish a warm and happy Eid-al-Fitr to all our readers!

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