Indian Jet Makes An Emergency Landing in Karachi as Passenger Dies

Despite Tensions Being On The Rise, Indian Jet Makes An Emergency Landing in Karachi as Passenger Dies

Indian Jet Emergency landing in Pakistan -

An Airline Indian Jet Airways made an emergency landing in Karachi when a passenger fell ill. However, the said passenger did not survive.

The flight 9W 202, from Delhi was bound for Doha when one of its passengers fell sick and the pilot decided to divert to Karachi and make an emergency landing. The flight was permitted to land by the Civil Aviation Authority and emergency medical services arranged by Karachi Airport reached the scene before the flight’s arrival. The passenger however died onboard. This was stated in a press release by Jet Airways.

This situation has arisen when India-Pakistan tensions are at peak and when Indian media is hell bent on war mongering and doing a negative portrayal of Pakistan. In such times, these humane actions by the Pakistani airport authorities are a breath of fresh air.

This is the exact reason why a few Indians were seen trolling the hate-filled atmosphere in India.

So Dear Indians, no matter what your media tells you, Pakistani hospitality will always remain unmatched. If you don’t believe us, ask the Indians who’ve been here in Indian jet. And if we solve our issues, we can be the best of neighbors.

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