First Desi Rap Battle In The Making!

Desi Rap Battle

In the recent issue of what’s new, we seem to be noticing glimpses of something unlike ever before. Hints of a Desi Rap Battle!Powered by your very own, local McDonalds. Yeah, you heard it right.

We often see brands marketing something new with music, ranging from melodious tunes to catchy jingles, as music is a note that connects and resonates with people like nothing else. But never have we ever seen a desi rap battle before. Well you can’t really expect any less from McDonald’s. With a marketing team that’s always quick on their feet with the latest buzz, and their creative content and bold approaches that have often left us in wonder.

We’re excited to see how they plan on bringing this to us, keeping in mind, the current situation and more importantly, what will be the rappers line up? Is McDonald’s doing something similar to other brands with this recent surge of Local Music Cafés & Production or will we be witnessing something entirely new?

Well, the wait isn’t long so we’ll surely see it soon. Marking our calendars for 5th Feb to see what new will be in store for us at McDonald’s! The bars are surely high.

Also check out the details of the challenge on McDonald’s Facebook page

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