The Ideal Desi Husband Every Desi Girl Secretly Wants

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While we all know who or what the “Ideal Desi Wife” should be from our Moms, Rishta Aunties, the society and Pakistani Dramas for countless times, it’s about time girls let it out what we want in our “Ideal Desi Husbands” too. It’s about time you know… before we die Kunwaari! Here are 8 things we all want but never say so:

1. A Virgin Guy

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Let’s be straightforward on this. Every guy AND his mom want a “Pak-daaman larki” and for centuries women have been subjected to this standard (I make no claim of right or wrong here). I only claim if women can be subjected to this, then just know that we would like to have a “Pak-daaman Guy” for ourselves too.

2. Feminist Feminist Feminist

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What is a feminist man really? Someone who stands up for women’s rights to equality, honor, and justice. A guy who does all would be really hot on our list.

3. Joru ka Ghulam

Source: IndiaOnline

Happy Wife > Happy Life. I don’t even need to explain this further. It’s that simple!

4. Highly Educated

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Our girls are getting it to the top of the ladder these days with their PhDs, MPhils, high-flying college education, so it’s natural we want a guy as educated as ourselves.

5. IS NOT into Porno

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We are a society that loves kinky item songs and marries underage girls but doesn’t like to discuss sex-ed? Research has proven that Pornography leads to unfulfilling relationships, so please doesn’t subject your wives to behave like an XXX movie star and get some therapy.

6. Emotionally Receptive

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This one’s a bit tricky. In simple words, it’s a guy who can communicate his feelings and listen to his girl with as much sensitivity as he can. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Macho-man? That’s so 1947.

7. He Should Have A Strong Identity

Source: DigToKnow

Having a strong sense of oneself really means that you don’t seek validation from your peers, elders, moms or anyone. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. Just be yourself. Just as your girl remains herself.

8. And Monogamous As Well

Source: TechCrunch

I’m sick of men who spurt about second-third-fiftieth marriage jokes like crazy. It doesn’t make you desirable, boy, only makes us want to crack your brainless skulls. What’s wrong with letting your wife or your girls know that she’s the one and only for you? Those words make you extremely desirable BTW!

So in the end…

Ladies, it’s about time you have high standards for the men you want to marry. If you’re willing to stick to your standards then the men will have nothing but to live up to them.

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