DC Customs Dr. Abdul Qudoos Who Was Brutally Beaten By Ten Smugglers Finally Embraced Shahadat!

Recently in Quetta, a horrific incident took place where Deputy Collector Customs Dr. Abdul Qudoos Sheikh was beaten to a pulp by 10-masked smugglers who were armed. This happened when a successful crackdown took place at the Customs Check Post against drug and smuggling mafia.

Source: Parhlo

When two cars Toyota Hilux Vigo and a Vitz were stopped at Ghai Khan Chowk Sariab Road, the men who had masks on reported to be 10 in number attacked Abdul Qudoos and his team quite brutally as their resistance to stop their vehicles was foiled. They started to assault the inspector, Deputy Collector, and the team.

Dr. Qudoos was severely beaten by fits and AK47’s butt that left him with ruptured lungs and a broken jaw. He ended up at the ICU fighting for his life.

Source: Parhlo

Unfortunately, He Lost The Battle And Succumbed To His Injuries Leaving This World On 9th Of July, 2019.

He was admitted to SMH where he breathed his last during his treatment. This news definitely comes as a shock as entire Pakistan was praying that he recovers. Picture of his unconscious and severely beaten body was going viral and it is definitely heartbreaking to know that he passed away.

The Culprits Have been Arrested.

According to the sources, the smugglers who were reportedly carrying a truck loaded with smuggled tiles found near Kolpur, Balochistan have been captured on Tuesday by police from Satellite Town of Quetta. The arrested smugglers have been identified as Sadiq, Toofan and Ahmed Shah.

Although Dr. Abdul Qudoos is no more, however, there is still hope to find the other men that pounced on him and his team leaving them injured and in critical condition, will also be captured with the help of the three already in custody.

They clearly planned to attack the officials and flee from the area once they are in no condition to take any action against them. Nonetheless, late Deputy Collector fulfilled his duties honestly till his last moments and it is definitely something to be proud of. We definitely need more fearless and honorable officers like him to make Pakistan a better country.

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