Depression: Vanity Of Piety Must Be a Cardinal Sin

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Allah Pak is Rahman and Raheem. He won’t punish someone suffering from mental illness. Depression is common but serious disease as it’s not the proverbial low mood. It’s much more than that … It needs medical intervention and should not be dealt with, through pseudo-religious dogma. Religion cannot cure Cancer, heart diseases or any other illness. For that, we need to take medicines.

Mental illnesses need similar medical attention. Let’s not judge the deceased or others who have similar issues, as we cannot imagine the depth of isolation and darkness which surrounds a person taking such an extreme step. Calling it HARAAM would not make us pious or guarantee our entrance in paradise. Unfortunately, many professionals in the field of psychiatry possess a similar biased mindset and that is the sole reason that many depressed patients do not seek treatment and avoid consultation.

Source: Renderosity Magazine

On the other hand, we as a society failed to provide that person a loving space where he could authentically share his troubles, so there is absolutely no point to sit in judgment about his faith or call him a coward. Instead, we have to be mindful of our own conduct, as the person sitting next to us might be struggling with the same.

Kindness is a pillar and a foundation of the whole of humanity and our entire civilization. So let’s be more loving, compassionate and help each other. Our holier than though attitudes would not prevent suicide. By blaming and labeling we push depressed people in a cocoon where they are left alone to deal with the pain. So focus should be towards our own actions instead of commenting on the person who killed himself or negatively talking about those who have suicidal thoughts.

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