‘Just Ensure Rafale Jets Don’t Enter Pakistan To Become Metal Scrap,’ Dennis Warns Gambhir

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India just recently got their Rafale aircraft jets refueled by France and Dennis couldn’t help but warn Gambhir. And although the news within itself might have been news of glory for India at the very least. It is becoming a spectrum of criticism itself. In fact ever since, the failure of MIG21, it seems Twitterati have found their new victim for a while to joke about.

Being a patriotic Indian, former cricketer Gautam Gambhir took the opportunity to express his pride for his country by tweeting on the Indian Rafale jets which returned back to a base in Ambala after getting refueled in mid-air by France. Although, the entire situation is completely normal Gambhir’s tweet is somewhat triggering. As a matter of fact, it is pleading for some humor!

Although his tweet was supposed to be an indication of pride or patriotism, Gambhir was badly trolled and that too in the funniest way possible. Especially, by Pakistani Netizens, who mocked him by referring to the Abhinandan incident.

Dennis Freedman takes a dig at Gautam Gambhir

Even if Gambhir could forego the Pakistani Twitterati and Netizens, he did not expect what could be next. Freedman, the famous cricket and sports journalist, has done it again. Using this opportunity as a way of criticizing Gambhir, Dennis remarked in a very subtle and innocent way by tweeting back about Rafale jets.

As a whole people on Twitter are having a ball. However, it has been quite a long time since, the Abhinandan incident and the MIG21 aircraft.

“Just make sure they don’t cross the line, else they’ll magically turn into big metal heaps”. Freedman tweets back. In addition, even other Pakistanis are commenting on the matter to make a hype out of the little dig by Freedman.

From calling their pilots truck drivers to so much more, India versus Pakistan banter is again feuding over the best army forces!

Oddly, some are even humorously, asking for the name of the movie in which India gets to defeat Pakistan and China. And to be honest the entire story is just too funny to even imagine. We wonder how and when matters escalate and to what level.

Freedman is known for his outstanding and witty humor. More than often he is commenting and criticizing former cricketers and even commenting on different aspects of sports. In fact, the sports journalist has already won the hearts of Pakistanis more than once. Seems like it’s fun in the air with such kind of tweet by Dennis to Gambhir on the Rafale jets.

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