Dennis Freedman To Host #WorldsBiggestTeaParty On ‘Surprise Day’!

Dennis Freedman Tea Party

Today, the whole nation is busy celebrating the last year’s retaliation against India and the captivity of Wing Commander Abhinandan Warthaman. Brutally humiliated on several world forums since then, poor India is actually getting what it deserves. Well, 27th February has arrived and to spice things up more, Australian cricket analyst Dennis Freedman has announced a hilarious ‘surprise’.

Australian cricket enthusiast Dennis Freedman to host #WorldsBiggestTeaParty!

Currently, in Pakistan for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) V, the cricket enthusiast is having the time of his life and obviously, biryani. Previously, Dennis Freedman trolled former Pakistani cricketer Misbah Ul Haq after PSL appointments. However, this time, Dennis Freedman is initiating the ‘Worlds Biggest Tea Party’ to celebrate ‘surprise day’ along with the Pakistani nation.

Here’s the procedure to enter the tea party!

Well, the world knows why Pakistan is celebrating 27th February and why is there a massive tea party going on in the country. Just to recall, same day, last year,  of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down an Indian MiG 21 invading the country’s airspace. As a result, naive neighbors’ WC Abhinandan Warthaman was captivated and was offered a cup of ‘fantastic tea’ as a peace gesture that took social media by storm.

Celebrate February 27 in style with the #WorldsBiggestTeaParty!”

Sliding into the present, today, Australian enthusiast Dennis Freedman took to Twitter and announced a worldwide party. Calling it ‘Worlds Biggest Tea Party’, he wrote, Celebrate February 27 in style with the #WorldsBiggestTeaParty A global event of truly epic proportions. Watch the video to learn how to participate. Open to citizens all over the globe”.

Dennis Freedman Tea Party

Fearless Warriors of Pakistan

Attaching a video, Freedman elaborated on the steps that should be followed in order to take part in the entertaining event. Apparently, anyone from anywhere in the world can be a part of this hysterical and unique online party through the internet. Particularly, the interested ones will have to record or click a snap with a cup of ‘fantastic tea‘ in hand and share them with Dennis Freedman.

Celebration day for Pakistan, hilarious trends against India!

Trending online with the hashtag #HappySurpriseDayIndia, the tea culture of Pakistan is seeing a strong boost. Well, about the party, Dennis Freedman will then be choosing the five best entries and sent them a personalized gift. The chosen ones will receive a cricket bat signed by Dennis Freedman and maybe some other world cricketers playing PSL.

Dennis Freedman Tea Party

India Today

Well, SSHRRUPPP! the tea is definitely gonna be fantastic today in Pakistan while India continues with its barbarism. Rumors even suggest that Paksitani tea-shops are also serving free ‘fantastic tea’ today making the day more exciting. So, let’s just roll our sleeves up and march around celebrating Pakistan’s huge victory with a cup of ‘Kashmiri tea’.

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