Dennis Freedman Trolls Misbah Ul Haq After PSL Appointment|

Dennis Freedman Trolls Misbah Ul Haq After PSL Appointment!

Dennis Freedman Trolls Misbah Ul Haq

These days, the national cricket team is facing criticism by Pakistanis after their humiliating defeat against Australia. Apparently, cricket fans are noticing a drastic performance decline in the team’s overall performance after former cricketer Misbah Ul Haq took charge. Along with the criticizing nation, journalist Dennis Freedman also took a dig at Misbah Ul Haq. And Twitteratis lost it.

Australian journalist Dennis Freedman trolls Misbah Ul Haq on Twitter!

While the national players showed no signs of winning, T20I captain Babar Azam was gathering praises globally. Among the well-wishers, Australian cricket legend Ricky Ponting also hailed Babar Azam’s exceptional batting skills. However, earlier today, well-known Australian journalist Dennis Freedman trolled Misbah Ul Haq after he got appointed for PSL 2020.

Check out what Dennis Freedman tweeted!

Apparently, it won’t be wrong to say that Dennis Freedman sure took the meme game to the next level. Today, on Friday, Pakistani Twitteratis were hysterical after the Australian journalist posted a bashing meme regarding Misbah Ul Haq. The tweet came in after Misbah Ul Haq was appointed as the new head coach for Islamabad United (IU) in Pakistan Super League (PSL) next year.

Funny depiction of the current Pakistan Cricket Team!

Without any caption, Dennis Freedman posted a funny image showing the former cricketer as a threat to the national squad. Apparently, not only the journalist but many other minds also think the same way. Well, in the picture, Misbah Ul Haq is shown disguised as the ‘angel of death’ knocking Islamabad United’s door to finish it as well.

Dennis Freedman Trolls MIsbah Ul Haq

DNA India

In this era of memes, social individuals have opted for a more fun way of interacting with each other. Dennis Freedman also took up the savage pace and gave the Pakistani nation’s doubts an evident picture. As of now, the trolling tweet has now become a viral subject for cricket crazies and the reactions are displaying the disappointment on Pakistan Cricket squad.

Certainly, the consistently poor performance of the Pakistan Cricket Team over the past few years has gathered global attention. However, the talented additions to the squad are somehow paying off but all the efforts seem to go in vain. Similarly, the young cricketer Naseem Shah has also grabbed the world’s attention after his show of bowling.

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